Yorkshire racing driver Laura Harris is back on the track after missing last season due to a serious crash that destroyed her car.   After two years of hard work and lots support from fellow enthusiasts and her sponsor Acespeed Historic Motorsport, Laura has a new car ready for the start of the season at the end of March.

In 2017 Laura was involved in a major crash at the end of the season at Penbury.  During practice she was hit on the rear corner of the car by a fellow competitor.  The subsequent crash damaged the car so badly that the shell was a write off.   The next two seasons were lost as funds had to be raised, a new shell sourced and a new car built.   A go fund me page raised £2 500 to get Laura back on the track and Acespeed Historic Motorsport helped with the build.

In 2012 Laura decided that she would like to have a go at racing in the Mighty Mini’s series.  Mighty Mini’s were created to provide an excellent and affordable entry level racing experience.   There is a friendly atmosphere and lots of help is available from the organisers and fellow drivers.   

The first race of 2013 saw her towing a trailer for the first time, first race and first-time racing in freezing temperatures and occasional snowflakes. She came last in the first race and next to last in the second race. By her own admission she was terrified and was almost ready to pack it in then and there.  Only her sheer determination got her through the first season as the nerves continued all year long, not helped with the last race being a night race.

By her second season Laura was growing in confidence and despite the nerves she began to enjoy her racing.  Not even an accident at Cadwell Park requiring a new front end was enough to put her off.  The friendly atmosphere and help and support from fellow mighty mini racers have been a great part of the experience and she has made some lifelong friends. 

Said Laura:

I am grateful to everyone who has helped me get back to racing for the 2020 season.  I am looking forward to carrying flag for Yorkshire at racing circuits across the country.

Laura would like to thank her employers Moss for their support and Acespeed Historic Motorsport for help with building and running the car.

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