Recommissioning of
Ringo Stars Mini


Ringo Starr’s Mini made its way to our workshop after it was purchased by former Spice Girl, Geri Horner (Helliwell) who bought the 1966 Mini Cooper S Radford at Bonham’s for £102,000. I have known Christian Horner for a while and shared cars in some races so we were the obvious choice for recommissioning the car.

Ringo’s car stands out as he asked that his Mini be able to accommodate a full drum kit in the rear, so Radford incorporated a folding rear seat and a rear hatch that opened upwards to allow for easy loading and unloading. LLO 836D’ was registered in May 1966 and registration passed to Richard Starkey (Ringo’s real name) on 15th June 1967. He kept the car until it was sold in December 1968. It will be good to see the Ringo Star Mini appearing at some of the more discerning car shows in the next few years accompanied by its famous owner.

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We set out on a mission for our Envoy Ford Formula Junior in 2015. This was an absolute labour of love from start to finish and it has been restored from the ground up and is resplendent in new paint. It has been a total joy to be able to race at the best events throughout 2017 and we completed the season with a rewarding result coming 2nd in the championship. We will continue to race with our Envoy in selected races during 2020.

Our priority is racing and rallying our Mini’s and so the Envoy is now for sale. Ready to race it is an ideal car to start or develop your racing interests.