Classic Style:
Your Mini, Your Way.


The Acespeed R is a new build Mini built to your personal specification. Each build starts with a meeting to choose the key specifications of your car. You choose the body style, paint colour, interior trim, and engine tune to create your own bespoke vehicle.



Race and Rally

Acespeed Historic Motorsport has been building and restoring road, rally and race Mini’s for over 25 years. You can see us at many historic racing events across the country including Goodwood. The Acespeed R is a modern classic for the road. It could be in a classic, race or rally style as defined by your choice of seats, lighting and paintwork. We can also build an Acespeed R to race or rally specification for any series.



The Build

We start with the bodyshell as this sets the template for all future decisions. We recommend a new body shell from British Motor Heritage, a Mk1 if you want that very early 60’s look or a later mark 2/3. The square fronted Clubman is becoming very popular and creates a distinctive look. If you prefer we can restore your donor cars bodyshell if it has the correct period style.

Once the body shell is ready it heads straight to paint for your choice of colour. Two tone for the Cooper look or a modern colour scheme for a mini seeking to stand out from the crowd.

Whilst the shell is away, we build up two subframes with all new suspension and brakes. The engine is stripped, machined and rebuilt to your chosen specification.
When the body is returned it is attached to the subframes to make it mobile. A new interior is fitted including carpets, roof lining, trim fittings choice of dash or binnacle, clocks and dials. Seats, again your choice, original 60’s style, stylish buckets or race style. Then a final fit of all the little things from windscreen wipers to number plates.

The car is then MOT’d and tested for 200 miles and any faults identified and rectified.



The commissioning process

The cost of a typical Acespeed R for the road is between £46 and £50,000 depending on your specification. We believe this represents good value when compared to other new build Mini’s on the market. A competition build will be significantly more costly as competition components are more expensive and engine builds to racing specifications are much higher than for road car builds.

Before any project is started you will be invited to the Acespeed workshops to meet the team and view our current projects. At this meeting we will discuss the key components of your build.

If you wish to proceed, we will need to take a deposit of 10% and a further payment will be required to cover the cost of a new body shell or donor vehicle. Various options exist for payment and these will be outlined during in our specification meeting.

You may change the specification of the car during the build provided that the work/parts have not been ordered.