One of the questions we get asked the most is how can I get into motor racing?


There are many ways and it depends upon your particular interests and your budget. We don’t recommend that you jump in at the deep end entering a major series and buying a technically complicated car.

A little research can save you a lot of money in the long run and we advise that you go and watch lots of different types of motorsport. Take a look at circuit racing, rallying, drag racing and trials. Once you have identified the type of racing you like, start to look at the different classes and series.



If you fancy circuit racing, then take a look at Citroen C1 racing, single seaters, mighty mini’s and get a feel for what is involved. Visit the pits and talk to the drivers and get some idea of the level of commitment and typical costs. Be especially sure of the costs, not just entry fee’s but hotels, transport, equipment and spares. We strongly advise that you join a local club which will give you the opportunity to try some low-cost motorsport.

One of the best starting points is hill climbing where you will learn the basics of car control and it will give you the experience you need to move into other types of racing. Another option is one of the manufacturer series where you will be supported through the process from getting your licence to on track mechanical support. Ginetta run a range of racing series for the novice driver –

Next you will need to get your licence by applying to the Motorsport Association and getting the appropriate Go Racing pack. This is followed by an Association of Racing Drivers (ARDS) test which will test your knowledge of the rules and a driving test. Once the test is passed, you have a car and a trailer you can go racing.


Race with Acespeed

Our clients participate in a wide range of motorsport from hill climbing and rallying to circuit racing. Many undertake their own administration (race entries and hotel bookings) and our role is car development, repairs and tuning. Others take advantage of a special service available to a limited number of drivers.


Arrive and drive

This is our most comprehensive service for racing drivers. We prepare and store your car between events. We can book your events and on race weekend we deliver the car to the circuit/event with a race mechanic. We will take your car through scrutineering so that all you have to do is turn up, attend the driver’s briefings, race and go home. We then take your car home, repair any damage and get it ready for your next race, test or track day.

Race car preparation and upgrades

We can develop and prepare your car for competition ensuring that it complies with the relevant regulations. If you buy an existing race car, we can check it over to identify what needs to be done. Everything from bodyshell preparation, paint, safety equipment, engine development, braking and suspension. We can develop the car gradually as your experience builds and budgets allow.

Build a race car

We love building new competition cars, especially Minis. We will source the right bodyshell, prepare the engine and safety equipment to meet the regulations of your chosen race series. You will get to prioritise the budget following a discussion with our principal – Andy Harrison.

Race car hire

For some people who only race occasionally hiring a race car on an event by event basis makes more sense. We have a number of cars that can be hired to suitably qualified and experienced race drivers. To discuss cost and availability contact Andy Harrison


Acespeed at Harewood Hillclimb


Harewood Hillclimb is where we first learnt the basics of motorsport and it is where many of our customers start. In recognition of this the Harewood Hillclimb championship is sponsored by Acespeed Racing. Harewood Hillclimb is the longest speed Hillclimb course in mainland UK with close up views of high-speed motorsport set against a backdrop of the Wharfedale valley.




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