Yorkshire based historic racer Andy Ace Harrison has added a new element to his successful race car preparation company by commissioning and selling specialist racing products.   Twenty-five years of race car preparation has led Andy and his team to know what makes a good race car product.  It must be strong, reliable, lightweight and most of all, compliant with current race regulations.

Acespeed has developed 18 new products to add to their Acespeed R range including race switch boxes with wiring harness, lightweight alternator brackets, mirrors and brackets and alloy fuel tanks.   All the products are British made.

Said Andy:

For many people building a race car it can be difficult to source good quality components.   On a number of occasions we have had products made in short batches for our own race car preparation business.   We have now decided to make these products available to a wider audience.  All these products are built with 25 years of knowledge and experience within them.

The Acespeed R range is available on the new Acespeed web site which retails Mini spares.  The retail operation was launched two months ago and has already had 25 000 views and is selling well.  Even though the Acespeed R product have only been available for a month, they have already attracted international attention with enquiries from Malaysia and the USA.

For further information:
Andy Harrison 01274 585803
Email: acespeed@live.co.uk
Products can be seen on https://https://acespeed.co.uk/shop-2/