I entered UDM999G (the London-Sydney 1968 Marathon 1800S mark2 restored by the late Mike Jordan) in this event. The car was given number 72 (my racing number) and I had Mike “Gigsy” Knowlson as mytrusty navigator again.

Lombard Rally Bath 2019 started from Bath Racecourse on Sat18th Oct taking in famous RAC Rally stages from the past…
We started out early with the first stage at Badminton House which all went well apart from a horsebox coming towards us in stage. To be fair it was a surprise but no harm done as there was plenty of room where it came across us. Never was the old saying, “Expect the unexpected!” more true.
From there to Cirencester Park, which was very busy with over 5000 spectators lining the slippery tree lined stage which was Ace! I managed to catch and pass a Group B Renault 5 Maxi turbo which wasn’t liking the slippery nature! My policy was to catch as many cars as I could on each stage – once a racer, always a racer. During the halt between the two stages, two chaps came up who had seen the car on the 1968 London to Sydney Marathon in Crystal Palace. They remembered the car as their father had done the event in a Bentley. He turned out to be from the Lindsay family, a very well-known name in motorsport. It was really Ace to see them on our second run through, as they were waving their scarves and cheering us on. Further stages at Celtic Manor, Bryn Bach and finally Caerwent brought more success when on the final stage we caught up two cars and all the marshals remarked at how well the old girl goes. These magnificent volunteers make possible our beloved motorsport.
Once again UDM never missed a beat and it was a privilege carrying Mike Jordan’s memory on the car. By the way she performs I feel he is looking down and keeping an eye on us with a wry smile. Great event in a great car!

Next stop Race Retro in the spring.