Acespeed Historic Motorsport have expanded their portfolio to include the sale of exceptional classic cars for road, rally and race.

Current stock includes the pace and grace of a 1997 Bentley Red label Turbo. With a titled owner, incredible low mileage this car is in exceptional condition and will be a stylish addition to andy enthusiasts collection.

A gleaming Porsche is a high performance option as Acespeed offer services for classic Porsche including sales. .

For many visitors to Acespeed HQ the diversity of cars on offer is what appeals. Mini’s are what the team are known for and their offer includes immaculate early Coopers as well as famous race cars owned and driven by professional drivers.

Today Mini’s are popular collectable cars and prices reflect their popularity. Top quality road cars can fetch £20 000, though early Cooper S models can make twice that. Cars with racing or rallying history can fetch £60 000+. Very rare models such as the Beatles owned cars easily reaching over £100 000.