Acegift: Print: 72 Ace in red. (AS0061)

Acegift: Print: 72 Ace in red. (AS0061)


Accurate and detailed, this print features unique attributes of the original car, but given a stylised and contemporary graphic treatment to look distinct and stylish on your wall.

Quality: Lithographically printed, onto thick 250gsm offset paper stock and hand finished for vibrant and accurate colour reproduction.

Dimensions: 50 x 70cm to fit in a standard frame, e.g. from Ikea. Supplied unframed allowing you to match it to your own decor.

Shipping: Supplied inside a strong 2.5mm card tube

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Ex Richard Longman car.   Beautifully designed and printed this is ideal for an office or home.   Perfect as a gift for the Mini enthusiast in your life.



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